Why drinking Mantra cold pressed is recommended

    1-  The importance of cold pressing

    Cold pressed juice is obtained by pressing fresh fruit and vegetable with specific technologies, such as the one of the hydraulic press. The first step involves shredding the produce and the second step pressing it. This technology guarantees the best quality of juice obtainable from fruit and vegetable.


    2-  The working principle

    The hydraulic press does not generate any type of heat, in fact there are no surfaces touching or rubbing against each other. All the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are kept unchanged. Cold pressed juices are rich in nutrients, have bright and intense colors and taste amazing!


    3- The presence of oxygen

    Cold pressed juices maintain a high amount of oxygen, which helps to improve cutaneous respiration.


    4- The difference between cold pressing and centrifuge or extraction

    Centrifugal juicers create heat that damages up to 80% of the enzymes and nutritional values of the ingredients.

    So, why drinking a juice that does no longer have the same amount of nutrients found in those same ingredients, as whole, before being juiced? Better to consume those ingredients at their solid and raw state.

    Extractors or masticating juicers create less heat, if compared to the centrifugal juicers, but still enough to alter some of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals found in the ingredients. The heat creates due to two surfaces touching and rubbing against each other and against the produce being juiced.

    It doesn’t happen when cold pressing, because there are no surfaces touching or rubbing against each other and no heat is created. Thus, all the nutritional values of fruit and vegetable being cold pressed, keep unchanged.

    A cold pressed juice has 42% more vitamin C and 60% more vitamin A than a centrifugal juice.


    5- Can a cold pressed juice substitute a meal?

    Sure it can! Each 500 ml bottle contains on average 1.5 kg of fruit and vegetable cold pressed and rich in all their nutritional values of vitamins, minerals and even live enzymes. Such a meal is not to underestimate!


    6- Why drinking Mantra cold pressed?

    The body is able to absorb all the nutrients found in a cold pressed juice in a very short time, not comparable to amount of time necessary to absorb those nutrients from a solid meal. They are ideal for athletes that need an immediate energy push. In fact, all the nutrients are absorbed within 15 minutes and immediately circulate in the bloodstream. The more juice you consume, the lower the risk of body inflammation, body pain, weight fluctuation, muscle cramp and allergies. In addition, drinking cold pressed juices on a daily basis helps to calm the nervous system, balance the hormones, strengthen the immune system, accelerate the metabolism and live a healthier and happier life!


    7- Where is the production of Mantra cold pressed juices?

    When we first started back in January 2015, we used to juice in the raw lab of Mantra raw vegan, first raw and vegan restaurant to open in Italy, in Milan. During these years, we grew bigger and had to expand. We have set up a complete production process in our Juice Lab in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), where we select the freshest ingredients to cold press.

    We use specific tricks to keep the highest standards of production. For example, we cold press our produce in a positive pressure environment, the whole bottling line is protected and uses Nitrogen to reduce the risk of oxidation.


    8- What we don’t do

    We don’t use centrifugal, slow, masticating juicers, nor extractors.

    We produce only cold pressed juices obtained from sophisticated technologies, such as the hydraulic press.

    No pasteurization, no preservatives.

    There is no added water, no added sugar nor sweeteners to the juices.

    We don’t use any frozen ingredients nor fruit pulps. Only the freshest ingredients available!

    We don’t use glass for our bottles, because the HPP treatment won’t allow us to do so.


    9- Great for the little ones

    Mantra cold pressed are ideal also for children, because rich in nutritional values that are important for his/her growth. They have to be consumed in addition to their meals and are great as an afternoon snack.


    10- Detox: an opportunity for cleansing

    Cold pressed juices are ideal for those who want to experiment the benefits of cleansing the organism. One day of full detox consists in a box of six 500 ml bottles of Mantra cold pressed, that, for a short period of time, can substitute your daily meals, because they provide all the nutrients necessary for the body to function properly and have the energy to keep up with your daily routine!

    We also offer a partial detox in a box of four 500 ml bottles of Mantra cold pressed to enjoy during the day, but leaving you the pleasure to have dinner with your family and friends.

    Cleansing, while drinking only cold pressed juices and lots of water, helps the body to accelerate its internal healing processes and gives the organs a break from the continuous stress of breaking down solid foods and fibers.


    1- It’s a new day

    It’s an opportunity to break habits and rebalance the organism


    2- Motivation

    A new beginning: commit towards a long lasting wellbeing and healthy nutrition


    3- Flat belly

    Cleansing improves digestion and bowel movements


    4- Increased energy

    A better nutrition results in an increased amount of energy available to use


    5- Toxins

    Cleansing helps reducing the amount of toxins accumulated in our organism throughout time


    6- No more bloating

    Processed food, alcohol, sugar and red meat have bad impacts on the metabolic functions, causing lots of water retention


    7- Natural vaccine

    Cleansing fortifies the whole immune system


    8- Sleep

    You will experiment better sleep and better mental clarity


    9- Consciousness

    You will become more conscious of the quality of foods ingested


    10- Beauty

    Cleansing on a regular basis improves your skin and strengthens hair and nails

    Everything you would like to know regarding the cleansing program

    1- How long does a Mantra cold pressed last?

    Mantra cold pressed juices are not pasteurized and keep 100% of the nutritional values of fresh fruit and vegetable.

    Thanks to the High Pressure Processing (HPP) the Mantra cold pressed juices last up to 30 days guaranteeing the same freshness of when just cold pressed. In addition, high pressure eliminates the bacteria found in fruit and vegetable, without altering their nutritional and organoleptic values.


    2- Do the ingredients vary?

    In addition to the fixed production of Mantra cold pressed juices that is available throughout the year, we offer seasonal juices, limited in time to the availability of the produce. This is an opportunity for us to be creative and take advantage of all the beautiful seasons.


    3- How to behave during a cleanse?

    Starting a cleanse doesn’t mean putting your life on stand-by mode. You can go on with your daily routine and work. There are different reactions that your body could face on a cleanse. What’s most important though, is to always listen to your body, because it hardly makes mistakes!


    4- Physical activity?

    It’s very important to do some physical activity, even moderate, during the cleanse, because sweating helps to get rid of toxins. If you find cardio and weights too intense for yourself, try some yoga, pilates, long walks or swimming.


    5- Bowel movements?

    Evacuating is very important when on a cleanse, because you must get rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body throughout time.

    If you have a hard time, you can opt for a hydro colon therapy, or try increasing the amount of water you’re drinking; hydration is a trigger. You can increase the amount of water you drink throughout the day, by including some herbal teas and infused waters.


    6- Skin?

    Skin is our most extended organ and is therefore very important to take good care of it. Cleansing helps the skin to hydrate and restore.

    In order to stimulate blood circulation and aid the elimination of toxins, we suggest to practice dry brushing every morning, before taking a shower.


    7- Alcohol?

    During the cleanse we recommend to avoid alcoholic and sparkling beverages.


    8- Coffee?

    You are allowed to drink one cup of coffee during the cleanse, even though we suggest to avoid it completely. In order to obtain the maximum benefits from the cleanse, we suggest to avoid all types of drinks containing caffeine. Go for water and herbal teas, instead!


    9- Pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Before starting the cleanse consult your doctor or our nutritionist.


    10- How long should a cleanse last?

    The length of your cleanse depends on the reason why you are doing it. If it’s for a healthier lifestyle, it’s better to do it for a few days, but more often. If you are looking for a deep cleanse of the organism, that requires a longer period.

    We suggest to make a realistic decision based on your lifestyle. You can ask some advice to our nutritionist.


    11- How to prepare for the cleanse?

    One or two days before starting the cleanse we suggest to drink lots of water and introduce 4 or 5 portions of fruit a day. It would be ideal to avoid processed foods and saturated fats and keep your choices as green as possible (fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds).


    12- What to eat after the cleanse?

    The transition from a liquid based nutrition to a solid one, is very important. It’s suggested that you eat raw fruit and vegetable for half the number of days you were fasting. It’s recommended to continue including some cold pressed juices, to maintain the benefits of your cleanse.

    Consuming at least one Mantra cold pressed a day guarantees the correct supply of important nutrients that have a protective action towards your daily food intake. Raw foods maintain all the enzymes, minerals and vitamins unchanged. Therefore, choosing raw foods over cooked foods is always a good idea!


    13- Weight loss?

    It’s very personal. Some people will be surprised by their weight loss, some will be disappointed. Anyhow, weight loss shouldn’t be your primary goal.

    The purpose is to focus on your overall wellbeing, starting by alkalinizing your body and getting rid of old bad habits.


    14- How often?

    How often you should cleanse, is also very personal. You can cleanse for one day a week, or once a month for more days or during the season’s change. What’s most important though, is to always listen to your body!


    15- Metabolism?

    The functioning of the metabolism improves with a cleanse, as long as the transition to solid food is correct and you keep on eating as many clean foods as possible (fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds).


    16- Which is the correct sequence of consumption for the box?

    There is no right or wrong. We suggest an order to follow, but remember that the most important guideline is what your body suggests you to do. Tune in and listen to your body!


    17- Hungry?

    It’s extremely important to drink lots of water between one juice and the other, because when the body is hydrated, you feel less hungry. If you are still hungry after your six Mantra cold pressed, add one or two juices without compromising your efforts. The goal is not to feel hungry, instead, to nurture your body with liquids rich in precious nutritional values, such as vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. If you conduct a particular active lifestyle or you are taller than the average, you will need to consume more calories within your day; for example, a girl that is 1,60 m tall won’t need the same caloric intake as a guy that is 1,90 m tall.

    If you feel like having something solid, opt for fruit and vegetable rich in water like cucumber, celery, carrot or melon, watermelon and pineapple.


    18- Fatigue?

    Each body is different and reacts differently.

    Cleansing involves experimenting ups and downs when it comes to energy levels, because the body is transforming and requires energy to adjust. If you are feeling tired, you have to allow yourself some rest; it won’t last long, your body will adapt and soon become more energetic than before.


    19- Pharmaceuticals?

    If you are taking any, consult your doctor or our nutritionist before starting the cleanse.


    20- Why a detox program if our body can naturally cleanse?

    It’s absolutely true, our body is capable of naturally cleanse. However, sometimes it’s not enough. Our detox program gives you an opportunity to cleanse deeper, give your organs a break, and reconsider your own food choices. Juice fasting has been up for many years, it’s not a temporary trend, but a manner to bring back balance to your body and life!

    Cold pressed juices: How to increase the benefits of your workout

    Mantra cold pressed juices are rich in fast absorbing nutrients and are ideal to implement your workout session.

    Before: fuel for your muscles and keep your metabolism awake

    During: a precious dose of liquids, minerals and energy. Your workout will be more efficient and long lasting, less fatigue

    After: to contrast the oxidation of the tissues and replenish liquids and minerals

    1. GREEN ZEN: provides calcium, fundamental for the muscle functionality. Ginger increases joint mobility: perfect before a yoga class
    2. GREEEN AUM: provides a great amount of calcium, fundamental for the muscle functionality
    3. GREEN AIM: contrasts the free radicals of post-workout, maintains the tissues young and elastic
    4. GREEN YAM: increases the breathing, great to consume before a long aerobic session
    5. PINK AUM: ready to use nutrients for the muscle build up
    6. YELLOW ZEN: antioxidant, improves flexibility
    7. YELLOW VAM: hydrating and energizing, suggested during extended aerobic session
    8. ORANGE AUM: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, beneficial for recovery after a short break
    9. ORANGE ZEN: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, fights muscle stiffness
    10. PURPLE AUM: before and during workout keeps the tissues oxygenated
    11. PURPLE ZEN: oxygenates those moving tissues and reduces inflammation
    12. YELLOW AUM: fights water retention, enhances the skin beauty after a workout
    13. YELLOW AIM: hydrating and antioxidant
    14. KUSS: replenishes important minerals and electrolytes, fights water retention and improves the workout performance
    15. KOAL: suggested to obtain the maximum from a workout session right after a meal
    16. KRIM: anti-inflammatory, delivers a good amount of minerals, energetic, maintains the correct balance of sugars during the workout
    17. KLIM: antioxidant, oxygenates the tissues, source of minerals and proteins that strengthen the muscles after the workout
    18. GRIM: contains high quality proteins and precious minerals for those who workout at high frequency
    19. RED VAM: hydrating, extends the duration of the workout thanks to an improved muscle functionality

In order to guarantee higher quality, we have temporarily suspended production due to maintenance and upgrade of the plants. Our juices will be even better! Thanks for your patience. Team Mantra.


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